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Welcome to the Parents and Teachers section of We have assembled an enormous amount of information and resources on how to prevent injuries to children. Our goal is to be the greatest resource for children's safety information on the web and to cover every topic imaginable, so please let us know if we missed one or if you have a link to suggest.

To help you navigate the parents and teachers section, please note that the information provided is divided into the three main categories that are described below. If you'd like to first read some statistics on childhood injuries and the importance of safety education, click here. Otherwise, please select one of the categories below to get started!

Safety Tips

Facts and safety tips on lots of topics that are presented on our website. Click here to get started!

Great Safety Links

A massive list of other subjects, as well as more information on the topics we present, are covered by links to other web sites that we thought did a really good job of presenting safety information. As a result of extensive research we found that there are some great web sites on individual topics, but that it takes a lot of research to find them. is intended to be a centralized resource for this information, so that you can go to one web site and quickly find information on all child safety topics. Since the information from other web sites can change frequently, we will continue to review and update this section on a regular basis. Click here to get started

Lesson Plans

Child safety topics are now required to be covered by teachers in many states, including Georgia, for specific grade levels and including such topics as: bike, poison, drug and alcohol safety. This section contains lesson plans that have been submitted by teachers and their creative approaches to teaching important safety topics. We hope you will find this information useful, and please help other teachers by submitting your lesson plans as well. Click here to get started!

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