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Automobile Safety


Automobile Safety Are young or new drivers really at a much higher risk of getting into accidents?

YES! Inexperience is a leading factor in traffic crashes involving youth. The following are some facts that young drivers should think about:

  • More than 3,500 young people age 15-20 are killed every year in traffic crashes. More than 362,000 youth are injured.
  • Although young drivers represent only 6.8% of the nation's licensed drivers, they are involved in 15% of fatal crashes.
  • Exceeding the posted speed limit or driving at an unsafe speed is the most common error in fatal accidents.
  • About 29% of crashes killing young people involve alcohol.
  • An alcohol-related motor vehicle crash kills someone every 33 minutes and causes non-fatal injuries to someone every 2 minutes.
  • In 1999, 15,786 people died in alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes. That's 38% of the year's total traffic deaths.
  • It is illegal in every state for a person under 21 to buy and/or publicly possess alcoholic beverages.

Remember, Be Smart, Be Safe!