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Bicycle Safety


Bicycle SafetyDo you know what you should wear when you ride a bike to help keep you safe?

It makes sense to wear something brightly colored when you're biking. Choose a color that makes you easy to see. If you're biking in the forest, don't wear green!

  • Fluorescent green, yellow or orange are all great choices. If you're wearing these colors, other bikers, motorists and pedestrians will be able to see you better.
  • Look for fabrics that are cool and lightweight. (You can really work up a sweat biking!) If it's cool outside, dress in layers. You can peel off clothing as you start to get warmer.
  • For riding at night (which we don't recommend for anyone) you'll need clothing with retro-reflective materials sewn onto it. You'll also need a light source, like a headlamp, and a flashing tail lamp.
  • Make sure the straps of your bookbag, loose clothing or anything else isn't going to catch in the wheels of the bike, and cause you to lose control.
  • Last but not least -- don't forget to wear your helmet!


  • Headphones are a no-no! You won't be able to hear what's going on around you.
  • Clothing that's too loose.
  • Inappropriate shoes. (High-heels, Slippers, Bowling Shoes).
  • Dark Clothes

Remember, Be Smart, Be Safe!