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Drug Abuse - Fill in the Blanks

HINT: The sentences below can be found in the Safety Tips section under Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

Use the following words to fill in the blanks:

  • Anabolic
  • things
  • recognize
  • teenagers
  • hallucinations
  • blood
  • pleasure
  • opiates
  • harmful
  • increase
  • pills
  • heart
  • interferes
  • hear
  • damage
  • works
  • balance
  1. Hallucinogens cause people to experience _______________.
  2. LSD use can cause raised heart rate ____________ pressure.
  3. Someone who repeatedly uses inhalants may lose the ability to learn new things and may not _____________ familiar things.
  4. Inhalants can make the ________ beat faster.
  5. Marijuana causes some parts of the brain to lose __________ and control.
  6. Marijuana reduces your ability to do ___________ that require coordination and concentration.
  7. Marijuana ___________ with your thinking and judgment.
  8. Methamphetamine can cause lots of __________ things including inability to sleep, paranoia, aggressiveness and hallucinations.
  9. If a person uses methamphetamine for a long time, they may _______ and see things that aren't there.
  10. ___________ can become an addiction.
  11. Some people take anabolic steroid _______ or injections to try to build muscle faster.
  12. Steroids can cause changes in the brain and body that __________ risks for illness and they may affect moods.
  13. ____________ steroids can weaken the immune system.
  14. Steroids can also lead to liver ___________ or cancer, even in young people.
  15. Steroids can permanently stop bones from growing in _____________.
  16. Cocaine can damage the way the brain _________.
  17. Cocaine can damage the ability to feel __________.

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