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Alcohol Abuse - Fill in the Blanks

HINT: The sentences below can be found in the Safety Tips section under Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

Use the following words to fill in the blanks:

  • alcoholic
  • long
  • drinking
  • driving
  • judgment
  • deaths
  • crashes
  • percent
  • illegal
  1. In the short-term, alcohol can cause you to use poor _________.
  2. In the _____-term, alcohol can reduce your learning ability.
  3. Twenty-eight _______ of the suicides by children ages 9 to 15 could be attributed to alcohol.
  4. Alcohol use is involved in about 25% to 50% of adolescent and adult ________ associated with water recreation.
  5. You should not ride in a car when the driver has been __________.
  6. About eleven million children in our country are growing up with at least one _________ parent.
  7. Drinking and _________ are dangerous.
  8. If you are under 21, it is _____________ for you to possess or drink alcohol.
  9. About 29% of ________ killing young people involve alcohol.

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